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Deepen your team's impact.

70% of all internal transformations fail1—and with educators citing initiative fatigue as one of the most draining aspects of their jobs, administrators must evaluate the efficacy of a new solution against the cost of “adding another thing”. 

As a team of educators, we get it. Put simply, we believe good implementation matters.

Our new professional learning (PD) courses connect the dots—empowering educators via on-demand lessons that not only deepen their use of the MajorClarity platform but also build understanding of career and college (CCR) best practices. 

1McKinsey & Company

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Featured Courses

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Building An Impactful Work-Based Learning Program

Designed for all team members involved in implementing and coordinating Work-Based Learning, this course will help you plan a new or enhance an existing WBL Program.


  • Walk through the 6 components of a robust and systematic Work-Based Learning Program
  • Identify key team members to involve in each component for maximum outcomes and streamlined efforts
  • Discover best practices for implementation from district partners, including how MajorClarity can support your efforts
  • Leverage the tools and WBL Program Organizer template provided to develop or enhance your own WBL Program 

Data-Informed Planning: Master Schedule, Budget, & Staffing

Ideal for individual, PLC, or team use, this hands-on, scenario-based course takes a deep dive into leveraging MajorClarity data to drive master schedule design, staffing, and budgetary decision-making.


  • Identify student user engagements that yield the highest impact on key data outcomes
  • Get a guided tour of the core data formats used within the platform
  • Learn how to leverage MC data to better inform your Master Schedule, Budget, & Staffing Processes

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Using MajorClarity to Build IEP Transition Plans

Designed to build synergies in the IEP Transition Planning Process, this course will highlight specific ways the MajorClarity platform supports student-centered, future-focused Transition Planning that results in increased process efficiencies with improved student outcomes.

  • Discover the direct correlation between the IDEA Transition Plan intent & the MajorClarity approach
  • Identify the significant overlap between required IEP transition plan components & MC portfolio elements
  • Leverage staff tools to support Indicator 13 data requirements & case manager responsibilities
  • Foster student self-advocacy, determination, & ownership of career and college goals through the Student-Led Conference model
CCR Best Practices for College Hopefuls

CCR Best Practices for College Hopefuls

Tailored to meet the performance demands of college advising for school/college & career counselors, this course will equip you with applicable strategies, tools, and resources to effectively & efficiently provide early exposure,  promote inclusion, diminish obstacles, & strengthen family partnerships in support of all students.  

  • Discover the critical importance of beginning with a career interest  framework 
  • Identify best practices for fostering a continuous learner mindset & providing robust college readiness preparation 
  • Learn how to leverage MajorClarity features, tools, & resources to streamline efforts


Teacher Advisory Course Pic

Improving CCR Delivery With The Teacher Advisory Model

Designed for school and district leaders, this course will help you & your team discover how to leverage the teacher advisory model to deliver more robust, personalized, and connected career and college readiness (CCR) instruction.


  • Learn how the teacher advisory model can help administrators, counselors, and teachers coordinate and streamline their CCR efforts
  • Discover best practices for implementation from district partners, including how MajorClarity can support your efforts
  • Begin developing your teacher advisory pacing and training plan using the template provided

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do professional learning courses drive toward postsecondary priorities?

A: Courses are designed with two primary goals in mind:

  • Build staff familiarity with the MajorClarity platform early to ensure smoother implementation
  • Combat internal silos and expand the net of career and college readiness (CCR) champions

Q: Do the courses reflect best practices in professional learning?

A: Each course is relevant, engaging, and focused on practical application. The content of each course is tailored to specific district roles and built with variety in mind: bite-sized content, brief tutorial videos, practice scenarios, and an interactive reflection journal.

Q: How long does it take to complete a course?

A: When completed in a single session, courses take approximately two hours.

Q: How much do PD courses cost?

A: Currently, districts have two options for purchasing access to PD courses:

a) purchasing the All Access Pass, which unlocks all courses for all staff for one year- contact your Client Success Manager or for your district's quote


b) allowing staff to purchase access to individual courses a la carte for $39/course - staff can access this option any time by visiting the Professional Learning tab within the platform

Q: How are the courses delivered?

A: Courses are available on-demand within the Professional Learning tab in MajorClarity. They can be taken in a single session or self-paced over time. Reflection activities can be completed either individually or simultaneously with a team, PLC, department, or full district.

Q: What are the course outcomes?

A: Educators and staff will walk away with personalized SMART goals and an aligned Reflection Journal.

Additionally, educators will receive a virtual badge and email signature to publicly highlight their expanded skill set and commitment to professional growth.

Q: How is course completion documented?

A: In MajorClarity, administrators have access to a "Professional Learning Progress Report" that captures every staff member who has enrolled in one or more courses and includes the course title, course progress status, course start date, course completion date, & course's equivalent PD hours.

Additionally, educators receive an electronic "Certificate of Completion" and an Individual or Team Reflection Journal that can be submitted for verification.

Q: Do you have any materials I can share with my team and/or purchasing department?

A: Of course; you can find a one-pager here with an overview and FAQ.